Customers are roaming, but you can't hear it,

People are savvy travelers - they brag about how they go on vacation and only use free Wi-Fi.  They get dual-SIM phones or local SIMs in country - anything to avoid spending money with you.  It's suggested that up to 70% of roamers are 'silent' - and that silence is deafening.  

...adding Wi-Fi gives them a voice.

On average - mobile operators who include Wi-Fi in their roaming plans DOUBLE the number of plans sold.  Wi-Fi is a technology customers find comforting.  Adding it to a roaming package makes them more likely to buy the package, and that's the goal - drive top-line revenues.  

Accuris is the leader in Carrier Wi-Fi services:

If you'd like to understand how Wi-Fi can grow roaming revenues and lower costs, let's meet in Dublin at WAS.  Accuris commercial and technical leaders will be on hand to show you how to turn up the volume on silent roamers.  

Be sure to attend the WAS session "Evolution of Wi-Fi Roaming" at 9.00 on Tuesday, or stop by our stand - LF 21.  

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